Friday, 24 August 2012

The Rock Warriors

Before Maori explored the beauty of the lakes of Rotorua other people lived there. These people were known as Patupaiarehe.The Patupaiarehe people were very good gardeners and they were very good looking.

The Tipua people were giants and they were bad tempered. They decided to attack the Patupaiarehe people because
the giants wanted to take over the Patupaiarehe people's village.

The patupaiarehe people went to their leader to ask for help. Chief Tongakohu went to the top of Ngongotaha mountain and he lit a fire. After that he started chanting a magic spell. The leader of the Patupaiarehe people casted a spell on the giants of Tipua.

The Tipua giants could not move after they had taken a rest on their way to the Patupaiarehe people's village to attack them. The Tipua giants started turning into rocks.

Finally Tongakohu was able to save his Patupaiarehe people from becoming prisoners of the Tipua giants.