Friday, 21 June 2013

My famous sausages

Title:famous sausages
What you Need:     
oven tray
potato masher

Ingredients:sausages mashed potato and cheese.
1.first you cook the sausages  
2.then you cook the potato  
3.and then you mash the potato
4.and you put you mash potato in to your sausages  
5.and you put your cheese on the mashed potato.


Friday, 7 June 2013

How the kiwi lost its wings

How the kiwi Lost Its Wings
It was a good day and Tanemahuta was walking through the forest. When he looked up at his children, he saw that they were getting sick because all the bugs were eating them.

He talked to his brother Tanehokahoka, who called his children the birds of the air together with them.
Tanemahuta asked the birds to help him by coming down to the forest floor and living with his children. All was quiet and not a bird spoke.x1

Then the Tui said that the forest floor was too dark and he was afraid of the darkness. The Pukeko said that the forest floor was too wet and cold and he did not want to wet his feet. Pipiwharauroa was busy building his nest so he could not come down.

Tanehokahoka looked at the Kiwi. The Kiwi looked up at the trees and saw his family. Then the Kiwi agreed to live on the forest floor.

Tanemahuta was happy because the Kiwi                   agreed to live on the forest floor. Tanemahuta told the Kiwi that he would lose his feathers and had to grow strong feet to survive on the forest floor.

Then Tanehokahoka turned to the other birds, and he punished them. The Tui had to wear two white feathers to show that he was a coward. Pukeko had to live in the swamp forever. Pipiwharauroa was never allowed to build a nest again and had to lay its eggs in other birds nests.

He blessed the Kiwi because of his great sacrifice. The Kiwi became the most well known and most loved bird of them all.

Tane Mahuta's children lived safely with the Kiwi on the forest floor.