Monday, 30 June 2014

James M Matariki

Kiwis from a far

Seven sisters are the seven stars

Way up high

Can never come down


Have a crown

Have a Kai

Of hangi take a rest

Then night night.....

Next days are so bright.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Resizing images

Today I learnt about resizing images and were the handle is.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


One surprising day we had a water fun day on Friday the 7th of February 2014. The day before water fun day we were told to bring house colours for whatever house sport colour you have been enrolled to.

When we got our house colour T-shirts and shorts. We lined up outside and walked to the court at our school we had to go to our house groups and the principal told us the activities there were Walk the plank,3 handed race,Through the legs,Water slide,Obstacle race, and Zigzag and each age/year group.

The first activity that we did was the Obstacle race our instructor was Mrs D she told us what we had to do in Obstacle race.The first to go was Mangila, Moli, Edwina and Hannah, they raced under the chairs and sprinted to the coloured bin to pour the water in.

Next we did the water slide Baden and Jack went first on the water slide and what i did was watch and hold hats for my friends. I saw Anthony with heaps of bubbles on his thigh it looked like he was a bubble man so we laughed and laughed until we heard a whistle so we went to the next activity.

Then we did a beater activity it was called sponge race what you had to do was you get ready to run when Mrs moopanar says 3 2 1 GO!! and that's what you had to do the first to go was Hannah,Jack,Apii and Edwina. Our last 3 were only short because we had no time. Everyone enjoyed having fun.

Finally we had to see the winners of the water fun day was Kauri and Rata.  


My New Brother E.Jay

Wow my mum went hospital on 20th of May 2014 that’s the day my new brother E.Jay was born.
when baby & mum got home the next day I got to hold E.Jay for a while because mum said and that he looked like me and I agreed (it's like holding a balloon but it has a breathing body)and when my brother and mother need help me and my dad will be there for them.

Yesterday me and my cousin Evanna had to clean up the house for mum and dad so when dad comes back from work and not have to clean up our messy habits for not cleaning after cooking,playing with toys and even leaving clothes on the ground.

When mum was in the hospital she wanted to come out so she can have what we had for dinner.Dad cooked steak for dinner but mum had a blue dinner it was cornflakes and that was it and when she got home she had a great lunch with me my cousin and my dad and my brothers and sister .