Monday, 17 March 2014

Lost Backpacker

  1. Where did Mr Chen go walking?
a. Tupapakura bush walk                 
  1. What three things did Mr Chen NOT take with him on his walk?
           b.water,warm but waterproof clothing and good shoes
  1. How long did it take for anyone to notice that Mr Chen was missing?
           c.  about noon on Tuesday
  1. It says “Mr Chen declined to elaborate further on his experience” What does elaborate mean? he wanted to test how far he can walk

Discovering more information Questions: Learn
  1. Imagine that you are Mr Chen and going for the same walk. Use the Department of Convservation website ( to find information on the Tupapakurua Falls Track that Mr Chen walked.
    1. How long (distance 11 km return from Fishers Road parking area) is the track, and how long (time  4 – 5 hr return to Tupapakurua Falls lookout) does it take to walk?
    2. Who is the track recommended for?
                       d.really good hikers
  1. What are the conditions of the track?
                       e.the track was slippery and it was steep
  1. Read the Plan and Prepare section.
    1. What two things does it recommend you do before your walk?
  should go to the loo and eat and bring water
  1. What five things does it recommend you take with you on your walk?
  should take water and canned food with you

Evaluation : Create,  Share your answers on your blog post.
  1. Do you think Mr Chen was well prepared for his walk? Explain
no because he did not have a bottle of water and canned food
  1. Why did Mr Chen think it was a good idea to buy a Lotto ticket? Explain
he wanted to test his luck
  1. Why do you think Mr Chen was embarrassed to talk about his experience? Explain
because he was an idiot and he did not take a drawing of where he was heading and did not take

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Bio poem

Big, cool and awesome
Lover of playing games, riding bikes and watching movies
Who wonders what it would feel like in the big apple (USA)
Who fears andaconders, wild spiders and crocodiles
Who feels happy when Mum and Dad smile
Who wants to cross the Tasman sea without being killed by bull sharks
Who would like to go and explore the world, go fishing in the Indian lakes and ride camels
Who dreams of flying a plane, being in a zombie invasion, be bold and face a lion