Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Duelling with the commando

An old dusty shed where the Gunzerkers hideout is. When the mighty and powerful gunzerker saw the commando he duelled with the commando.The commandos eyes filled with tears because he lost  the duel with the  gunzerker.When they finished the duel... the team went to face the mighty blue WHEN THEY GOT TO BLUE THE GUNZERKER USED THE ELECTRIC SHOTGUN TO SHOOT THE blue Crystalisk LEGs. AFTER THEY KILLED   blue. WHEN HE FELL DOWN THEY SAW A CHEST. " THERE'S GUNS IN THE CHEST...." exclaimed
To be continued

Friday, 26 October 2012

The creepy creepers

There was a loud thumping noise late at night. I looked out of my window and what i saw were 14 zombies and 24 exploding creepers at my door. I screamed and I wished Steve would come to help me but it was too late! Under my house were 24 spiders and 13 skeletons, I ran to the nether portal and I saw an army of ghosts and zombie pig men.......... to be continued

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A trip to the duffy show

The Duffy show 

The actors told us their names which were James, Anna and Louie. They told us the story that Duffy will be reading to us... the book is called "The Best Book in the World". Duffy has a bother called Scruffy...
Scruffy told Duffy that he can do some beat boxing but he wasn't any good at it. My favourite part of the story was when they started doing Michael Jakson moves and then he did PSY dance.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Our new coach Bruce is a basket ball player and when he 18 he got a million dollars.When we were listening to Bruce and when he was talking, he told as the meaning of basket ball and team work. We moved around quickly across the courts, like we were racing as fast as speeding cars. My heart began pounding hard when I had a turn at dribbling.It was such fun.
I am looking forward to our lesson next Tuesday.