Thursday, 16 October 2014

How I spent my time in the holidays

The holidays are a two week break when we do not attend school but

between term 3 and term 4 also during the month of October.

In the holidays I went to the mt wellington rebel sports to get me some cool shoes and two days later I went to the movies at Sylvia park with Jerome because it was my birthday to watch a new movie called The Maze Runner and eat and drink food like (popcorn and drink coca cola in large cup’s.

But before we,me and Jerome, entered the movie’s me and Jerome had lunch.We had butter chicken with rice and naan bread then me and Jerome went to go get our tickets,popcorn and large cup of coca cola then we went to the waiting room.

The waiting room has small flat screen TVs that has a showcase of new movies like,The Hunger games Mocking bird part 1,The maze runner,Lets be cops,Teenage mutant ninja turtles and a funny movie called Bang Bang then we got up and walked into the theater to find our seats.

When me and Jerome found our seats we also saw some one from our school it was Danielle her brother,sister and dad walking up the red steps and at the end a fat chubby kid called Chuck got shot and the rest got rescued.

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