Thursday, 6 November 2014

A bunch of Bananas

A bunch of Bananas by Jill MacGregor
School Journal Part 2, Number 3, 2009

WALT: Search for information, compare and evaluate.
SC: List the different banana’s and their features. Evaluate which you prefer.

HOME ACTIVITY: Ask whanau about their favourite ways to eat banana. Get a favourite banana recipe from a family member to bring to school.

  1. Hope sees many types of bananas at the market.
Can you list all the types of banana and the descriptive features of each banana.  SHARE

Type of Banana
List the descriptive features of each banana (Colour, size, smell, etc)
Green Banana
They have a smooth-skin and that have a thick stalk and starchy to eat raw.
Yellow Banana
They nice to eat straight away also they are very easy to peel.
Red Banana
They are short stubby orangey-red bananas that are creamy like when you eat whipped cream.
Ladyfinger Banana
The ladyfinger bananas are the one’s that her grandmother likes the skin have spotty but bruised.

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